Once an illegal immigrant is arrested in a foreign country, they are eligible to acquiring immigration bail bonds.  Since these bonds guarantee that the immigrant will attend court proceedings once they are charged with legal violation, they are similar to other types of bonds.  The bond amount should be enough such that it ensures the defendant appears in court for all immigration proceedings.  Eligible immigrants are the only ones who are considered for this type of bond.  The immigration officer ensures that the immigrant will attend all meetings and the alien should prove that their release wouldn't pose any harm to those around them.  Once the officer proves the immigrant to be eligible, the company bail bondsman posts it.


The immigrant is only able to receive the bond if they provide information such as the facility they are being held, their name and registration number as well.  These bonds are therefore somewhat similar to other kinds of bonds including the annual premium payment which is made to the bail agent.  Instead of using the usual license, immigration bail bonds use a casualty license.  The bond can be forfeited once the immigrant fails to appear for a single court proceeding.  Bond difficulty can at times be experienced by the bail bond agents due to language barrier.


It doesn't mean that an immigrant who gets immigration bail bond will not be deported from the foreign country.  The bail bond allows the alien to meet with their lawyers freely and do what they can to correct their situation.  Unlike the rules and regulations used in other freedom federal bonds, those used in immigration bail bonds are quite different.  One should ensure that they hire a qualified attorney in order for them to understand the logics and requirements.  Once one is charged with immigration irregularities, they can either apply for a delivery bond or voluntary departure bond.


Delivery bond is usually more appropriate for those immigrants who are under ICE detention and have been accused of being illegal immigrants.  One has to attend all court hearings in order to get the bail bond.  In order for the bond application process to be successful, one needs to have an arrest warrant and notice of custody conditions.  There is a given time frame given for an immigrant who has taken the voluntary departure bond to leave the country.  The bond is refunded once the alien leaves the country.



Factors such as immigration status and criminal history of the immigrant can cause the cost of bail to reduce or increase.  Professional bond agents usually help someone by helping them obtain legal nuances and obtain the bonds in the right way. For further discussions on bail bonds, visit